Webserver Setup

This set of Web pages is a "diary" of my attempt (successful, I hope) to set up a Webserver, from scratch. You're welcome to follow along, to offer suggestions, to share in my triumphs, to laugh derisively at my mistakes.

I figure that these Web pages may be of interest to you if you're thinking of setting up your own Webserver, if you're curious about what's involved in becoming a Web service provider, or if you're having a slow day and have nothing better to do.

To put this venture in context, you might want to take a quick look at an overview of my plans for setting up the WebFeats server. And if you're dying to learn more about me, I've thrown together a brief bio for your reading pleasure.

I'll post each entry as a separate Web page, to make it easier for you track what you've read and what you haven't.

Webserver Setup Diary

04/26/95 12:40 PM: Status report.

04/27/95 09:50 PM: Server hardware setup complete.

04/28/95 11:10 PM: Windows NT Server installation (1st pass).

04/29/95 08:45 PM: NT re-install; Netscape server beta; UPS.

05/01/95 10:20 PM: NTFS conversion; The router arrives.

05/02/95 03:30 PM: Router installation: First pass.

05/04/95 06:10 PM: ISDN progress report; Costs.

05/06/95 10:55 AM: ISDN: The saga continues.

05/06/95 10:15 PM: ISDN: The final chapter (?).

05/08/95 09:55 PM: I've been pinged; NT Resource Kit installation; FTP installation.

05/09/95 08:35 PM: IT WORKS!

05/12/95 07:20 AM: Still here; first subscriber; Netscape beta.

05/15/95 08:45 PM: Odds and ends.

05/17/95 10:35 PM: Tape drive; credit card processing; Quota Manager; PolyForm.

05/18/95 09:50 PM: Blackout; DAT drive; credit card processing revisited.

05/23/95 09:15 PM: Credit card processing; Disk Quota; WebSite; WebFeats website; newspaper ad.

05/30/95 08:25 PM: In the home stretch.

06/06/95 11:30 AM: CC update; Literature; Graphics; ISDN problem; UPS; Good book.

06/14/95 09:40 AM: The final chapter.

04/10/96 08:21 AM: Epilogue (one year later).

Feel free to Email any suggestions, criticisms, or other comments to me at any time. And thank you for your interest.

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