Update: 05/08/95 09:55 PM

I've Been Pinged!

Didn't get much done today, but I did ask my service provider to set me up in his domain name table as both webfeats.com and www.webfeats.com (he'd already registered webfeats.com with InterNIC for me). It didn't take him long to get that done, and now I can be pinged! (Don't worry; it doesn't hurt!)

The server isn't powered up all the time, so you can't ping it very often (try to control your disappointment); but it was quite a thrill to ping my new company name and actually get a response. It made me feel like I'm really in business. For the first time, I feel like I fully understand what Descartes meant when he uttered the famous words: "I ping, therefore I am!"

NT Resource Kit Installation

In the README file that accompanies the WebSite beta, Bob Denny recommends that you install the Windows NT Resource Kit before you install WebSite. So, because I'm good at taking advice, and because I paid $150 for the damn thing so I might as well do something with it, I installed it.

It was a typical, straightforward, point-and-click Windows install. It went so smoothly that it was almost a letdown. (Almost.) Of course, I haven't actually used it yet, so there's still lots of time for something to go wrong. (I think I'm still suffering from ISDN-induced paranoia.)

FTP Installation

Since my subscribers will be using FTP to transfer their HTML to the WebFeats server, I decided to go ahead and install FTP. Like the Resource Kit, installing FTP was just as easy as it's supposed to be. (Maybe I'm on a roll.) Tomorrow morning, first thing, I'll attempt to set myself up as an FTP user so I can learn how to configure FTP security. Then <drum roll>, it's time to install WebSite!

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