Update: 05/09/95 08:35 PM


After all the frustrating problems I've had, the final steps were ridiculously simple. (No, I'm not complaining.)

First, I had to introduce myself to NT security so I could configure user accounts for FTP. It took a while, and it's not set up exactly the way I want it, but I think (hope?) that I've set up a system that will allow me to set up user directories and allow users to FTP to their own directories and only to their own directories. At least, that's the plan. Reality, on the other hand, suggests that three hours experience with NT security is not going to be enough to defeat a determined hacker (or even, for that matter, a casual hacker). It will be interesting to see what happens.

(By the way, I believe that I may have tracked down a package that will allow me to restrict users to the disk space that they've purchased from me. The program, Disk Quota Manager, is from NTP (New Technology Partners) of Bedford, NH. I'm not entirely sure that it has the features that I need; they say they'll fax me some info. I am sure that it costs entirely too much money: They want $500 for it. But if I can't find a less-expensive alternative, I'll just have to spring for it <sigh>.)

Finally, I loaded WebSite. I guess I was expecting some last- minute problem, but it didn't happen. WebSite was running maybe five minutes after I first put the CD-ROM in the drive. It's almost anti-climactic, after all I've been through; and I'm sorry I don't have any hair-raising stories to tell, but it really was a piece of cake.

Then, all that was left was for me to test it.

I FTP'd a few web pages over to a user directory I had created. No sweat.

I tried to access the pages through the web. No dice.

I changed a parameter in WebSite to tell it that my HTML documents were in \users, not in \website\httpd (the default).

I tried again to access the pages through the web.


I'm going to get some sleep. And I may take tomorrow off. If I can stand it.

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