Update: 05/06/95 10:15 PM

ISDN: The Final Chapter (?)


At long last, my dedicated ISDN linkup to my Internet service provider is up and running. There were only a few dumb things preventing it from working a couple of days ago. Here's what went wrong:

First of all, I did have the IRQ on the network card set incorrectly. I probably would have changed it sooner, but it was such a hassle taking it out of my NT machine and putting into my DOS machine every time I wanted to change the IRQ that I put it off as long as I could. However, it turns out that I didn't have to go through all that; I could have changed the IRQ setting directly on my NT machine if I had known that I needed to boot the PC from a DOS diskette that had HIMEM.SYS in the CONFIG.SYS file! When I finally changed the card to IRQ 10, it worked just fine.

Well, it almost worked just fine. Did you know that the RJ-45 cable that connects the network card to the router is wired differently from the RJ-45 cable that connects the router to the ISDN jack? You probably did, but I didn't. I was using "straight-through" cables for both. When I replaced the cable that connected the network card to the router with the correct cable, the PC was able to successfully ping the router for the first time.

I still was unable to communicate with my Internet service provider, but it turned out that their router was not set up properly. It wasn't easy tracking them down on a Saturday, but I'm pretty persistent, and I finally got them to fix it early in the evening.

And it worked! I'm on the Net!!

Now, all I have to do is get my webserver software running and load up an FTP server and do about a zillion other things...

...but I think I'll take a day off tomorrow. More next week.

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