Update: 05/30/95 08:25 PM

In the Home Stretch

At least, that's what it feels like: After a long race, I've just rounded the clubhouse turn, and I'm in the home stretch. I've committed myself to having my "grand opening" on June 15 (a little over two weeks from now). To ensure that I don't let that slip, I've been telling everyone who asks that I'll be ready on June 15; if nothing else, I'll be too embarrassed to let that slip. (Of course, if that tactic worked, Windows 95 would have been out long ago <g>.) And I'm running an ad in a local paper on that same day.

As you can tell, I'm trying to box myself in so I won't be able to find excuses to delay the big day. I tend to be too much of a perfectionist for my own good; and if I wait until everything's perfect -- well, I might never be ready.

Here's what I figure I have to do between now and June 15:

LITERATURE: I don't plan to develop much in the way of printed sales literature, but I have to have something, so I started working today on laying out a few print pieces. (This is not the most important thing I have to do, but it is the one with the longest lead time; to be safe, I'd like to have something to take to my printer by June 5.) I plan to have a flyer to advertise my development services, an application for commercial Web space, and an application for individual Web space. (That doesn't seem like much; I have this uneasy feeling that I'll send the whole literature packet to a prospect, and they'll write back saying: That sounds great; send us some more information!)

WEB SITE: Obviously, I need to develop a professional-looking Web presence of my own; I can hardly expect businesses to let me develop Web sites for them if my own site looks amateurish. I've got my artist working on a logo, a banner, and a few buttons; I think I can make it look competent without making it too flashy. I can always add some glitz later on, if I feel the need. (That's one of the nice things about Web pages: They're never finished. Of course, that's also one of the terrible things about Web pages.)

WEB SERVER: At some point, it would probably be a good idea to learn something about using my Web server software, don't you think? WebSite release 1.0 just arrived today; it looks pretty much the same as the beta version, but I never really learned a whole lot about the beta version. It may seem strange that I'm ranking this as the least important of the three things I have left to do; but the other two must be ready by June 15, while I can learn how to use WebSite as I go along. I'm hoping that I do have time to learn it pretty soon; but if my years as a consultant have taught me nothing else, they've taught me that all I really need to do is to stay one step ahead of my clients. And have lots of Maalox handy.

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