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October 9, 1999: Krakow
Tall Synagogue 1200x1600 (633 KB)

"The Tall Synagogue [at 38 Jozefa Street] was built between 1556 and 1563. It is not known whether this was a private foundation or whether the Community founded it. Its name comes from the large prayer room on the first floor. The ground floor was occupied by shops (today storerooms), and one reached the prayer room over the staircase from the neighboring house (no. 40).

"During the Nazi occupation of 1939-1945 the synagogue was completely looted of all of its valuable objects. The building fell into disrepair over the course of many years. In 1966 it was rebuilt and adapted to the needs of the Historical Monuments Restoration Workshop." -- A Guide to Jewish Cracow (©1992 Our Roots. All rights reserved.)

This 1938 photo (courtesy of Robert Tachna) appears to have captured a scene on the street in front of the Tall Synagogue.

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