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October 3, 1999: Warsaw

Nozyk Synagogue
It's sunny and warm in Warsaw, a beautiful day for walking around in shirtsleeves. I'm feeling a little jet-lagged – I flew American Airlines from Dallas to New York yesterday afternoon, then caught an overnight Lot flight to Warsaw. I had arranged through Lot to have someone meet me and drive me to my hotel, but nobody was manning the Lot shuttle booth in the airport lobby when I arrived. I asked a gentleman who was working for Thrifty Car Rental in the next booth if he knew where the Lot people were, and he ran all around the airport trying to track them down for me, to no avail. Finally, he drove me to my hotel himself. I gave him my Lot shuttle voucher, and I'm sure he collected a fee from them, but it was awfully nice of him just the same.

My hotel, the Sheraton, is very nice – large and modern, English-speaking staff, excellent food, spacious and comfortable rooms. I check in, clean up, and hit the streets. I'm too worn out for anything strenuous, but I want to walk around a little, pick up some of the flavor of the city. (Had I known that these were going to be the last blue skies I was going to see on this entire trip, I might have stayed outdoors a little longer!)

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