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October 6, 1999: Bialystok to Suwalki

Horse-Drawn Cart in
Downtown Grajewo
Today we're going to head for Grajewo, the home of my Myszkowski ancestors and cousins for about a hundred years, from the middle of the 19th century to the middle of the 20th. On our way we'll stop off in Tykocin to visit one of the best-preserved (or, perhaps, best-restored) synagogues in Poland. And I want to stop in Trzcianne, a town that has appeared several times in my genealogy research.

After Grajewo, I'd like to stop in Augustow to drop in on the Campfield School at the suggestion of an American woman who spent some time in the area and was a friend of the schools proprietors. And finally, we'll head for Suwalki, which boasts a few hotels with good reputations, and which will provide a convenient launching point for tomorrow's drive to Przerosl.

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