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October 6, 1999: Bialystok to Suwalki
My Room at the Hotel Dom Nauczyciela in Suwalki 1600x1200 (404 KB)

George tells me that the Hotel Dom Nauczyciela is the best hotel in town. The rooms are very small, and certainly not very elaborate, but they're comfortable. I think I'd feel claustrophobic if I had to spend too much time in this room, but I can certainly handle it for one night.

Accessing the Internet from my room turns out to be a little tricky – for some reason, I can't seem to break the dial tone, which means that I can't dial out. I try several different strategies, to no avail. Finally, I switch from tone dialing to pulse dialing, and voila, I'm on the Net – which is why you may be seeing this photo not long after it was taken.

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