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October 6, 1999: Bialystok to Suwalki
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On the drive from Sejny to Suwalki, we make a brief stop at the Wigry Monastery, a complex of 17th-century buildings built on a wooded peninsula that extends into Lake Wigry, which is the centerpiece of a large and scenic National Park. The monastery was founded by Cameldolite Monks, a "reform" faction of the Benedictines. The complex, which has not been used as a monastery for the last two hundred years, now serves several public functions, and includes a 100-room hotel.

We grab a snack in the restaurant, which is in an enormous, dimly-lit room that might have once been some kind of "Great Hall." I get the feeling that George would like to spend the night here, but I want to push on to Suwalki, so we can get an early start on tomorrow's activities.

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