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October 5, 1999: Warsaw to Bialystok
My Room at the Cristal Hotel in Bialystok 1600x1200 (396 KB)

We're spending the night at the Cristal Hotel in Bialystok. George has stayed here before, but he says that the rooms are twice as large as what he remembers – they must have combined adjoining rooms during a recent renovation. And indeed, although I can't say that the rooms are "modern," they certainly are large, and they're quite clean.

Unfortunately, my room features a strange smell that I don't like, so they switch me to a different one. The new room smells fine, but it doesn't have a phone jack (the phone is hard-wired into the wall), so I won't be able to access the Net. The staff is very accommodating, they lead me to yet another room, and they wait around while I inspect it to make sure that the phone jack is OK (it is).

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