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Many of the photos I took in Poland are images of statues and plaques that feature inscriptions in Polish or Hebrew, neither of which I am able to translate. As a result, many of the photos in this website probably feature inscriptions that tell interesting stories – or rather they would tell interesting stories if I only knew what they meant!

So, if you're viewing this site, and if you can translate from Polish and/or Hebrew into English, and if you're looking at a photo that contains text that you can translate – and if you're in a generous mood – please feel free to send me a translation, it will be greatly appreciated! (I'll attribute the translation to you, so let me know if you prefer to remain anonymous.)

To make it easier for you to send me translations, I've included "translation" links under photos that contain text that needs to be translated. When you select a translation link, it should automatically generate an email form that you can use to send your translation to me. (I say that it should generate an email form because, depending on your particular browser and Internet configuration, it might not work for you.) Please make sure that you identify the page that you're translating, or I'll have no idea of what you're sending me. (The email form created by the translation link should automatically include a subject line that identifies the page – but again, that may not work with every browser and Internet configuration.)

For example, consider the following page.

Plaque in Grajewo 1200x1600 (263 KB)

If you can translate the inscription on the plaque, please let me know. (Click on the photo to enlarge it.)
Be sure to reference page "Translations.html" when you write to me so I'll know what you're translating.
Thank you for your help!

If you'll select the let me know link under the photo, an email form should appear that will allow you to enter and submit your translation.

But wait, you say, I can't even read the plaque, how can you possibly expect me to translate it???

The problem is that when I reduced the size of my photos to display them on the Web, I lost some of the detail that was present in the original photos, which often rendered illegible any text that might have been present in the photo. To get around this problem, all you have to do is click on the photo (or on the 1200x1600 link under the photo) to display the photo in its original size, which offers more than enough detail to allow you to easily read the inscription. (See Photo Resolutions for more information.)

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