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My Nikon CoolPix 700 Digital Camera stores images as JPEG graphics with sizes of anywhere from 640x480 (pixels) to 1600x1200. Photos this big are awkward to display on the Web, and are stored in files so large (up to about 800 KB) that most people would grow impatient waiting for them to download.

For these reasons, I decided to display smaller (and, often, cropped) versions of the photos on the pages of this website. However, I recognized that there may be occasions when you might wish to view the original, larger, uncropped photos, which are often much clearer and which may offer a considerably greater level of detail than the edited photos. So I decided to make the original, unedited photos available as well.

For example, consider the following photo.

Nozyk Synagogue 1600x1200 (394 KB)

This photo is displayed at a size of 467x350, allowing it to be easily displayed by most browsers, even by those that are running on low-resolution (640x480) monitors.

If you want to download the photo so that you can store a copy of it on your own PC, the size of the photo file is only 41 KB; you should be able to download it in about 15 seconds with a 28.8-Kbps modem. (Although download techniques vary from browser to browser, you typically right-click on a graphic you wish to download, at which point you're presented with a list of options, one of which is something like "Save Image As..." or "Save Picture As...")

In the photo above, you can see that there is writing on the tablets at the bottom center of the photo, but the writing is illegible. You could download and enlarge the photo, but you would still have a hard time deciphering the text. The original version of the photo was much larger, and the text was much clearer. So, how can go about viewing the original version of the photo?

You may have noticed the link at the right of the caption bar underneath the photo that says 1600x1200 (394 KB). As you've probably guessed, you can select this link to view the original version of the photo, which is sized at 1600x1200. (By the way, you can also click on the photo itself to view the original version.) The photo is stored in a 394-KB file, which will take more than two minutes to download with a 28.8-Kbps modem. A photo that big will probably not fit on your screen all at once; you'll have to scroll horizontally and vertically to see the entire graphic. But you'll certainly be able to read the text on the tablets (if you can read Hebrew, that is)!

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