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Except where otherwise indicated, all of the text and photos on all of the pages of this website were created by me and are copyrighted by me.

Having said that, you are welcome to quote any of my text and/or to display any of my photos in your own website as long as you:

  • Notify me of the URL where you are using my material.
  • Label the material as being copyrighted.
  • Credit me as being the copyright holder.
  • Reference and link to this website.

For example, if you use one of my photos in your website, you might put some text under it that reads something like this:

    ©2007 Hank Mishkoff. All rights reserved. Used with permission. Originally appeared in My Visit to Poland website.

Notice that the phrase "My Visit to Poland" is a link to the home page of this website (http://www.WebFeats.com/Poland/).

When I say that "you are welcome to quote any of my text and/or to display any of my photos in your own website," I mean that you are welcome to do so within reason, which only means that I don't want you to copy enormous portions of my website to your own. (I reserve the right to define enormous on the fly.) If you have any question about whether your usage violates these conditions, contact me and I'll let you know. But frankly, I think that you'll be able to figure it out for yourself by applying a little common sense.

Also, please note that I am granting this permission for use only on the Web, not in other media (such as print). If you'd like to use any of my material in a medium other than the Web, please let me know.

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