My Visit To
November 7-14, 2000

November 7, 2000: In transit.

November 8, 2000: We arrive, slightly dazed from the interminably long flight. Our hotel room's not ready, so we walk around the city, do some light touring, and get a few bites to eat.

November 9, 2000: We spend most of the day in Vatican City – St. Peter's (the square and the cathedral) and the Vatican Museum – then we take an enjoyable and circuitous walk back to the hotel.

November 10, 2000: The Roman Forum, the Colosseum, and a long walk.

November 11, 2000: Miscellaneous sites on a walking tour, and Rome on a Saturday night.

November 12, 2000: A stroll through the Trident, and a walk down the Appian Way.

November 13, 2000: Our last full day in Rome, we cover a lot of diverse territory.

November 14, 2000: Going home.

My son, Matt, graduated from college in June. For a graduation present, I told him I'd take him anywhere he wanted to go. (I love to travel anyway, might as well buy him a present that I'll enjoy, too.) He said he wanted to go to Rome. (Smart kid.)

After months of planning, it's nearly time to leave. We leave on Tuesday November 7, fly from Dallas to Chicago, where we catch an overnight flight to Rome, arriving early on November 8. (We may not know who won the presidential election until we get there!)

I'm bringing my digital camera with me. Each night, I plan to upload to this website the photos I've taken during the day, so this website will become a semi-real-time pictorial diary of my visit to Rome. Feel free to follow along with me – this journey can accommodate an unlimited number of virtual traveling companions!

I suspect that this sounds like an ambitious project – but I've done it before, so I know that it's possible. I went to Poland last year, that photo diary is still online at:

During that trip, I uploaded unedited photos, figuring that I'd build them into a coherent website when I got home. That took a long time. This trip, I'm going to try to edit and crop the photos before I upload them, and even add short captions and descriptions, so that the site will be completed by the time I get home. (In theory.)

So if you're interested in following along with me, check out this site from time to time to see what I've been up to. If you're familiar with Rome and you feel inclined to point me in the direction of your favorite sites, restaurants, museums, whatever, shoot me off an email – who knows, maybe tomorrow you'll see a fresh photo of your favorite spot!

By the way, the photos on this home page are not mine. I found them at Photo Roma, a remarkable website that includes more than a thousand scenes of Rome that were photographed by Massimo Montesanti. For non-commercial use, the photos are free! Obviously, I am extremely grateful to Mr. Montesanti for his dedication, his keen eye, and his generosity.


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